Terms & Conditions

The vehicle must be insured by you whilst the vehicle is with Oasis.

I authorise Oasis to arrange test drives on my behalf with potential customers.

I have no objection to potential customers having the vehicle fully checked / inspected by any garage, workshop, testing centre and or mechanics of there choice.

I have no objection to any Mechanical, Electrical, Bodywork, Under-body, Internal and External checks been carried out on my vehicle at any outside premises and or workshop.

Oasis cannot be held responsible for any mechanical failure and or breakdown whilst the vehicle is in there care or thereafter.

Oasis is not responsible for damage to batteries, service indicators or to any other electronic device whilst the vehicle is in there care or thereafter.

If the windshield or any glass is already cracked Oasis does not accept any responsibility if the crack expands whilst the vehicle is in there care or thereafter.

I have checked my insurance policy as Oasis is not responsible in any way for the vehicle; including but not restricted to, test drives by potential customers, any loss or damage whether by fire, flood, storm, theft, vandalism and or misconduct, negligence on behalf of its employees or otherwise.

I have checked and removed all valuables from the vehicle.

If the vehicle is sold on to the new owner via a local bank loan arranged through Oasis, please be aware that this can cause a delay in the payment to you.

Oasis promises to look after your vehicle to the best of there ability whilst it is in there care.